• A black and white photo of a man smiling with a pair of Salt + Pepper Mills Irish Ash.

    Matt Jones

    Originally from Wales, he studied painting at Chelsea College of Art, London and in 2005 he moved to Sligo with his wife and children to renovate a former outbuilding into their family home. A workshop soon followed and through a self taught apprenticeship he began his wood turning journey. Matt’s art school trained artistic eye brings a unique approach to the craft of wood turning and his handmade wooden giftware and tableware products are both functional whilst at the same time being aesthetically pleasing art pieces in their own right.

    “I believe strongly that a maker should express in his work how he thinks and feels about the world and society. The object isn’t just an object but an embodiment of a series of values and beliefs. I care about the environment. I respect and appreciate quality. I reject mass produced clothing, food and products. As a consumer I try and make choices that benefit the environment and society. Fair trade, organic, ethically produced food, clothing and products. I hope my work exists in this space and that my customers share these values. I hope to make objects that I would like to buy”