Collaborating with an exceptional group of artisans and producers from the UK and beyond, who create beautiful, and often unique and exquisite pieces of work with true clarity of origin. Sustainability and social responsibility lies at the heart of their ethos. Basket weavers to ceramicists, candle makers to chocolatiers our producers and makers span a wide range of disciplines, and are some of the most innovative and creative in their fields.

    Austin Austin. Organic skincare

    Clare Revera Basketmaker Weaver

    Clare Revera. Basketmaker

    Faye Wellon. Ceramicist

    Ganders Goat Maker - The Horton Family

    Ganders Goat. Organic skincare

    Girls Who Grind. Coffee Roasters

    Emilie Holmes. Good & Proper Tea

    Helengai Harbottle. Artist

    Martha and Curt Van Ingewen. Clean + CBD skincare

    Matt Jones. Woodturner

    Mike Skapa. Woodcarver

    Mikey Lewis. Chocolatier

    Oliva Fiddes. Ceramicist

    Samuel Sparrow. Ceramicist

    Wax Atelier. Artisan candle makers

    Teixidors. Textiles

    Maison Bengal. Baskets + Bags

    The Baba Tree Basket Company

    Aspen Press


    ANI skincare

    Bsswax & Co artisan candle makers

    Megan Cox