Wee willie winkie


This piece was inspired by the Scottish nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie, written in the 1800s about a character getting children going to bed at night. He is often depicted wearing a nightgown, hat and carrying a candle holder, like the design. It is a nostalgic rhyme but is also slightly disconcerting, in the same way Punch and Judy are.

limited edition

Perfect for use with our long standard, and twisted British beeswax candles.

In stock (can be backordered)

Style Code: GS406

Sanded stoneware with matte black glaze
Each piece is unique so size varies.
Approx w12 d16 h7 cm
Candleholders are made for 2cm candles
Handmade in the UK

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

The Maker


Olivia’s work is typified by elegant imperfection and simplicity. Across her ceramic and antique ventures Olivia produces and sources distinctive pieces with expression, curiosity and quality at their heart. Her ceramic work is made using traditional hand building techniques with a forward-thinking attitude. She creates one-off pieces and small run collections.

Olivia works for private clients and collaborates with other artists, designers and brands, including Heckfield Place, Aesop and the Modern House.