Wave #6


A gorgeous, elegant organic shaped basket made from hand dyed natural straw. This basket is very limited in supply due to the intricacies of production and as such can only be made by the most skilled weavers of the Gurunsi tribe. Taking a week or more to produce this beautiful object can serve as a functional storage basket or a stunning piece of art. Each basket is totally unique and may vary slightly in size.


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Style Code: GS045#6

50 cm diameter
30cm high
Each is completely unique
Handmade in Ghana

Know The Origin

Gregory ‘Ayinedollah’ MacCarthy first went to Ghana to study cultural drumming 20 years ago and has been traveling to and living in Ghana ever since. His mission is to help the people of the Gurunsi tribe in Upper East Ghana to help themselves. He doesn’t believe in charity, his people kick ass and are doing it for themselves, they are incredibly industrious and work joyfully. They are paid fairly for each basket and in addition receive a commission for each piece sold. Dozens, sometimes hundreds, of weavers; men, women, children (after school and on the weekends) arrive daily at the compound eager to get to work. Many have been working with Gregory for years and are supported with health care and school fees. There are many inferior quality and cheaper African baskets which may get to market via unscrupulous means. These baskets are expensive and rightfully so, they are the best quality Bolga baskets on the market and their makers must be compensated fully for their artistry if Bolgatanga has any chance of developing.