Vemel active radiance serum


Bursting with skin loving vitamins and antioxidants derived from grape, pomegranate and raspberry, our silky but powerful organic serum will lock in moisture and provide your skin with long lasting nourishment. Powerful Oat active repairs, renews and protects the skin lipid barrier, helping to reduce signs of ageing. Try as a serum, replace your daily moisturiser, use as a lip gloss.

Suitable for and welcomed by all skin types looking for pure nourishment.


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Camellia seed oil, Grape oil, Oat active, Raspberry extract
100% natural organic certified ingredients
Waterless, plastic free, cruelty free, vegan certified
Small batch, craft produced in the UK
Conscious packaging


Apply daily onto damp skin as serum – followed by moisturiser, or in place of your moisturiser. Can also be used to mix into our Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask for an extra vitamin boost. Try as a lip gloss.

Organic Grape Oil*, Organic Tea (Camelia) Oil*, Organic Jojoba Oil*, Oat Active, Organic Raspberry Extract*, Organic Rosehip Extract*, Organic Pomegranate Extract*, Organic Evening Primrose Extract*.

*Certified Organically Grown Ingredient

Know The Origin

At Vemel they believe luxury results driver skincare should be powered by Nature.

Inspired by their desire for powerful results for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin, their WATERLESS products are formulated with 100% active ingredients (organic/natural/wildcrafted), free from preservatives, toxic or synthetic ingredients as well as free from common skin irritants like perfume, essential oils and alcohols.

The whole ethos of the brand is based around honesty. Their labels are simple, clear and transparent, their ingredients are listed in common English names. Their carefully selected ingredient list doesn’t claim to rewind time; instead to preserve youth.

All our products are manufactured in-house in the heart of Berkshire, England

The Maker


Driven By Results, Without Reactions

Founded in the heart of Berkshire by Agi whose desire for powerful results for sensitive skin led her to develop luxury skincare powered purely by nature. “The secret to a healthy and glowing complexion lies within your skin barrier. Think of it like an ecosystem of your skin. A healthy barrier is able to retain moisture, absorb nutrients and protect itself against environmental stressors.

By formulating without water we can use only natural, organic or wildcrafted ingredients that are unique and deliver specific results. Not only do we avoid bulking ingredients (like water) preservatives and common skin irritants we are able to achieve more potent products with higher levels of actives.

We also want to help consumers make a conscious choice towards reducing the use of toxic ingredients in skincare, and for this reason our ingredients are listed in common English names. The careful selection of natural ingredients, combined with our dedication to sustainability throughout, from product to packaging, recyclable, biodegradable, vegan (right down to the ink) helps define all that Vemel is. Choosing quality skincare with a conscience means you don’t have to compromise on your skin nor your ethics.”