Riihimaki vase


A classically simple modernist vase from Finnish glassware company Riihamaen Lasi Oy. Tall for long stems or with its striking sea green colour a lovely centerpiece in its own right.  One pair are available which would look wonderful either end of a side table or either side of a bed.

In stock

Style Code: GSV090

25cm high
Sea green

Wash gently in warm water

The Riihimaki glassworks was founded in 1910, in the town of Riihimaki, Finland, by M. A. Kolehmainen and his son A. P. Kolehmainen. They started life producing domestic and container glass, and began making glass bottles and window glass in 1919. Within a decade Riihimaki became the largest glass factory in Finland. In 1937 the company was renamed Riihimaen Lasi Oy, and in the same year Aimo Okkolin began there as a designer. Helena Tynell and Nanny Still joined Riihimaki in 1949, and Tamara Aladin in 1959. Over the next 20 years these four designers produced many designs which have since become sought after iconic pieces. In 1968 Erkkitapio Siiroinen began designing for Riihimaki as a freelancer. Riihimaki was bought by Ahlstrom in 1985, and merged with Karhula in 1988 under the name Ahlstrom Riihimaen Lasi Oy. The Riihimaki factory closed in 1990.