Kirindera Women’s Peace coffee


The Kirindera Women’s Peace coffee from the women’s section of the Coopade association aims to bring peace to Virunga National Park and across the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By growing coffee the Kirindera women are employing young people and providing them with an alternative to joining the armed groups that are destabilizing the region.

This delicious ground coffee with a gorgeous buttery mouth is unctuous and sweet and finishes with a lovely rhubarb tartness and floral aroma.

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Style Code: GS128G

Taste: Sweet and chewy, Maple syrup, Rhubarb and Rose.
Producer: Kirindera women of the Coopade Assoc.
Region: North Kivu, Virunga National Park,
Variety: Blue Mountain and Rumangabo
Available in ground

Know The Origin

It’s no secret that the coffee supply chain is a male-dominated one but incredibly at least 70% of the work that goes into producing coffee is carried out by women. They are the pickers, sorters, the labourers, but they are rarely the decision makers or the owners and we seldom hear about the amazing hard work these women do. The forward thinking women behind GWGC think it’s about time things changed.

From day one GWGC have tried to tackle this issue head on, championing and celebrating these incredible women and making their stories their core priority. They do this by sourcing their coffees EXCLUSIVELY from women producers, seeking out those coffees that are creating positive change through the empowerment of women. At GWGC they do not order their coffees based soley on what they taste in the cup. First and foremost they seek out those changemakers believing that specialty coffee relies not only on women’s empowerment but on the investment in relationships that can in turn help foster quality. They work with like-minded, small-scale importers, producer-roaster platforms and directly with producers and carefully choose importers who offer transparency, traceability and who are fully committed to establishing long term partnerships with producers. The most important thing for GWCG is that female coffee producers are provided access to the speciality coffee market and where possible they help with this access through facilitating introductions to importers or other platforms. By buying from the GWGC you too can be an integral part of the movement that supports and recognises the role of women in coffee.

The Maker


Girls Who Grind is an all-female coffee roastery owned and run by Aussie Fi O’Brien, and American Casey LaLonde. Their destined paths met over a love of coffee and and their roastery ownership dreams have come true on a farm, in the wildest depths of Wiltshire.

Fi is from Melbourne and so coffee runs through her veins. She started her career in advertising as a creative strategist but a few years into her career felt the urge to open her own cafe utilising her design/brand skills and her love for coffee and cafe culture. As Head of Brand and Customer Relations at GWGC Fi looks after everything brand, design and retail related. As a coffee lover and a sociology student, Casey became interested in both the art and science behind making a great cup as well as the stories of the producers at origin. This led her to a position at a roastery and coffee lab in Vermont where she assisted on Q-grader courses and learned to cup & roast. As Head of Coffee and Head Roaster at GWGC, Casey is responsible for sourcing the green beans and then of course roasting all their coffees. She is always on the search for amazing female producers to work with, building those important relationships and selecting incredible coffees not only for their taste but for the stories behind them.