CloudCloth® cleansing cloths


CloudCloth® is a cleansing cloth high in efficacy and low in environmental impact. They are made from fine quality certified organic 100% cotton, raised on one side to provide gentle skin cleansing, woven on the other side, offering gentle exfoliation. Unlike some other cloths CloudCloth® doesn’t absorb cleansers or balms, minimising loss of product and ensuring it gets exactly where you want it.

Suitable for all skin types, they have been created to form part of your everyday skincare routine, even for sensitive or challenging skin. Each pack contains three reusable CloudCloths®.


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Style Code: GS307

Each pack contains 3 CloudCloths®
Double sided construction for cleansing or exfoliating
Washable at 30-60 degrees
Organic cotton, carbon neutral packaging
Made in the UK


Wash with other cottons on a 30-60 degree cycle

Know The Origin

CloudCloth ® was born from a desire to change the way we do beauty and make it more sustainable.  It is a proud British made product, manufactured in a cotton mill in Lancashire which has a long heritage of textile production stretching back over six generations. The cotton used is certified organic and packaging is carbon neutral, printed on 100% recycled stock using vegetable based inks and solar power. Founder Catherine has worked hard to deliver a product which is as kind to the environment as well as your skin and she continues to work towards more mindful consumerism.

The Maker


CloudCloth® is the brainchild of Catherine Parker who developed a skin condition that prevented her from using regular granular exfoliants so she tried muslin as an alternative way of exfoliating. She soon realised that the muslin didn’t deliver everything she needed for her skincare routine and so she decided to develop something of her own. The search for cloth began and went on (via 22 boxes of bulging fabric samples) until, virtually on her own front door in Lancashire, she came across a sixth generation cotton mill who presented her with a near perfect cloth that been in use in the British beauty industry decades previously.

The cloth, which is raised on one side to provide gentle skin cleansing and woven on the other side to offer gentle exfoliation has been adapted and improved over the last four years and is now made from 100% organic cotton.

The cloths are packaged in craft letterpress pouches made using a carbon-neutral process. Printed with vegetable inks on 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard produced using on-site solar power.  Cloudcloth® is a product with true sustainable credentials and Catherine is constantly looking at ways to make her business greener still.