Brockley Breakfast Tea bags


This award-winning Brockley Breakfast  loose leaf tea blend is a twist on the original English Breakfast tea, named after our South London home. This whole leaf black tea brews a wonderfully balanced, all round breakfast tea, served best with a dash of milk.

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Good & Proper’s signature blend, has a combination of  four of their favourite single-origin black teas. A traditional, rich base of Assam, Kenya and Ceylon is lifted by the aromatic notes of their Darjeeling. The result is a wonderfully balanced, all day breakfast tea, delicious with or without milk.

15 whole leaf tea bags – 45g
Brewing Instructions
Temperature – 100°C
Brew time – 3-5 minutes
Water – 250ml

As part of Good & Proper’s commitment to doing things properly, They use 100% recyclable boxes and their tea bags are 100% compostable.

Know The Origin

Good & Proper teas are single origin teas sourced from around the world, meaning that each of the teas come from a single geographical region, estate or garden hence the flavour profile of each is therefore largely reflective of that region – the soil, the climate, the altitude or as it is known in wine, the terroir. Their collection is made up of blacks, oolongs, greens and white teas, as well as a range of herbs, each of which bring something different to the table. They look for whole leaf, ‘orthodox’ teas that are representative of their type, their region and their style and then they find the best possible version of that tea ensuring the integrity and full flavour of the leaf is upheld all the way to your cup.

Good & Proper work hard on sustainability and keeping their impact to the environment to a minimum. They work only with tea suppliers who operate both ethical and sustainable methods of farming, their packaging is widely recyclable, used tea leaves from the tea bar are turned into bio fuel and their tea bags are 100% compostable and plastic free. Constantly reviewing their practices and looking for ways to improve sustainability performance they encourage and help suppliers and customers to in turn manage their own impact.

The Maker


Having bored her friends for years about wanting to bring better cups of tea to London, Good and Proper founder Emilie finally decided to do something about it. With plans to convert a 1974 Citroën-H van into a mobile tea bar, she took the idea to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and 372 backers made that dream come true. Each of their names are still displayed proudly on the back window of that van, which the backers affectionately christened ‘Watson’. The first cup of tea was brewed in Shoreditch in December 2012. Many years later and thanks to the support of many wonderful customers, friends, partners and suppliers, Good & Proper Tea has grown to a flagship Tea Bar, an online store, a growing network of cafe and restaurant partners – and of course the van too lives on. An imported culture of skinny lattes and frappucinos-to-go has meant coffee has dominated our high streets. And yet, though tea has remained the nation’s favourite hot drink, the quality on offer when we are out and about is more often than not distinctly average. “That’s what I wanted to change, by offering fellow tea-drinkers the same quality experience that my coffee-junkie friends currently enjoy. A Good & Proper cup of tea….finally.”